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Default Re: Anybody Ever Done Warehouse Work?

Originally Posted by Scholar
I work as a security guard at a warehouse, and I can tell you now that just from me watching these people work that shit is intense. These people go home looking both physically and mentally broken. Then they come back the next day to do the same shit all over again.
A lot of new people quit within the first week of working there, and it seems like everyone who quits working at a warehouse is quick to come up with bullshit excuses instead of simply admitting the work is too much for them.

As others have suggested, pack a large meal and try to stay hydrated. Don't do anything half-assedly because I've seen what happens to people when they get too comfortable lifting shit and not focusing on what they're doing any more.
Paid leave might sound great, but the injuries suck balls. Giant ones. King Kong sized.

Probably more of a realization how shitty the job is more than a work ethic thing.

Though I also have no work ethic.
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