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Default What do you realistically expect from Carmelo Anthony this season

Never before have I seen so much hype for a inefficient, 20 ppg ballhog (for ballhog see Round 1 of 2012 playoffs where he has Steve Novak wide open in the corner and then attempts a turn around jumper on Heat defender)

Watching the 8-15 start of the Knicks just near broke this former Knick fan into hatred of this franchise, but I stuck around I have been through worse. Then hearing Carmelo openly admit that he didn't play hard for Mikey D when Mike was trying absolutely everything in his good power to try and get this team better. Whether it was substitutions, roster changes, minutes, making Melo a PG, making him shoot the 3, defense, all the hoopla he tried and Melo wasn't even playing hard. It was there I had enough. I wasn't going to waste my time on a team that wasn't even going to play hard while I had my eyes glued to the TV.

I expect 20, 3 assists, and 5 rebounds on .440%. There's so way a player can go from a .430% to .450 or .500 it just aint happening so I am being very generous

So what can we expect from Carmelo? Last season he openly admitted he came out unmotivated, and not willing to play hard. Can we see the same? Or should I say will we say the same

I hope not.
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