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Default Re: Shaq VS Wilt- Top 7 Competition, amount of games played

Originally Posted by millwad
Let it go, people are really tired of Wilt..
Nope haha. I dont mean this thread as "see this is why wilt is better" its more so just showing how much wilt and shaq faced there piers and a few questions.

Im sorry if me posting on a form about my favorite player is bothersome, Ive made quite a few posts without him /hes not the focus recently but Since hes my favorite player, and admit have "minor" aspergers I really dont give 2 shits if people are tired of it. Id rather waste my time praising a player than dissing people who talk about what they like wasting about the same amount.. LOL I have nothing against you but almost every wilt thread ive seen you along with deuce diss it...this isnt just a "talk about todays game forum" a lot of people are nearly brain dead about past ballers, I just happen to prop up wilt the most and the others who played then..obviously Im not as good at defending it compaired to cavsftw with his amazing highlights, or jlauber (he isnt but it wouldnt surprise me if hes an aspie also) with his endless walls of text..I just do my thang..if my posts bug ya, dont click man lol
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