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Default Re: Premiere League 2012-2013 season application thread

Originally Posted by GP_20
Wow this is the competition left these days? A bunch of losers (Stat, Sizz, Vapid, Sky, etc.), some new guys that are almost surely weak (DZW, Dunksby), and others that are worse than trash like Pistol Piece of Sh*t?

Back when I used to be in the league things used to be way more competitive. I guess this league now is just the watered down version.

Anyways, not here to apply for a spot. My resume is unparalleled. I am here to reclaim my spot. I am the creator and the 1st champion of this league. I never was bottom 4 so I never lost my spot either. So just taking back whats mine.

The Fantasy Basketball GOAT is making a potential return. Reserve a spot or a few for me.

Let this limp wristed bitch in, I'll smack him up and send him to the freezer. You ain't on my level Surdeep Patel.
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