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Default Re: Jordan Hill Avoids Jail Time

Originally Posted by DKLaker don't understand how this stuff works......blaming Lakerfreak for your red dot is like blaming the weather on Mike Brown.....not even I would do that
Other ISH members are the ones who rep or neg you with green or red dots....the entire thing is meaningless. At 1 point I had 8 green dots but after months of venturing into the main board where all the idiots reside, I found myself with 3 red dots Since I really don't care about this stuff I continue to clown around on the main board collecting red from the Lakers Haters. Unless they start giving away Lakers tickets or new Mercedes Benz for green dots, I will keep doing what I'm doing.
As for kk, the guy cracks me up, right or wrong he fearlessly says what is on his mind........always entertaining for me and I think he tries to get red dots I have never negged anyone......not even the A-holes who used to be on really is meaningless. I do however green rep people.
Hector was a pup I'm repping you for that because I NEVER hear anyone use that "Chickism" except me and my best friend.

Back on topic.......Jordan Hill was VERY impressive last night, he could make a name for himself this season.
If that sounded negatively towards freaky my bad. Fact of the matter is by no means was my reply intended to blame freak in any way coz I ain't got nothing but luv for the dude reading his postings since hector wuz a pup!
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