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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Ok guys so here it goes. Feel free to ask if there's anything you were curious about that you couldn't see on TV. Bare in mind, I watched the beginning of the 3rd on the TV in the Family Lounge. The had these chocolate chip cookies in there that were to die for lol

1. Despite a lot of skepticism, and rightfully so, I think Amare's injury might truly be something minor. He looked fine when I saw him. I don't think there is anything to worry about.

2. The young guys we brought in are TERRIBLE. Absolutely TERRIBLE!!! I don't expect anything out of any of them. The worst of them all was Mychal Thompson Jr.! Absolute SCRUB He's such a poor man's version of his little brother that it's ridiculous. He looked overwhelmed even on the layup line.

3. Raymond Felton is in shape *phew*. He looked quick, his weight looked where it should be and he seems to already be developing a repoire with Melo. They seem to gel well.

4. I think deep inside Woodson, and probably the rest of the Knicks front office, want Kidd to start but Felton's talent just won't justify it. Kidd looked old and crusty. He was walking like an old man before during and after the game. He just is NOT a starting caliber pg.

5. Steve Novak is scared on defense. If you could see his face when he defends guys, it's almost hilarious. He gets so nervous and antzy. He immediately wants to foul the guy and just get the play over with. I know he's become the folk hero of the Knicks, but if we're going to uphold Woodson's ideology of defense winning us games, he's going to have to be used sparingly or at least with a bunch of defenders on the court.

6. Kurt Thomas is OOOOLLLLLDDDDDD lmao. I know, we all knew that but seriously... Dude looks like someones grandfather. My boy who works with the Wizards said that one of the guys who work the court for the games was yelling "AARP!" everytime he passed by lol

7. Depth is going to be a big issue. Most of the guys who played last night probably won't make the team. I don't expect to see Shurna, Sims, Bellifield, Thompson or any of those guys on the roster. They just aren't very good. We need another player.

8. I'm not sold on Pablo Prigioni still, but I have to admit, he surprised me on defense. He has very quick hands. He's slow footed because he's old but he also is very fiesty on D. He picked a few pockets and he had ball handlers picking up their dribble and shielding with their backs...something you want to see for sure. It causes confusion, frustration and forces the opposing team to get into their offense later in the shot clock. It also causes their offense to have to send help and picks, which helps especially for teams with a low post presence.

9. Tyson Chandler is a hot head. I've said it before so I wont go into it but he needs to calm that down.

10. Melo is so effortless on offense. I think Trevor Ariza is a pretty good defender (and taller than I thought. He's actually taller than Melo). Melo was just doing whatever he wants to him. Same with Deng last year. Same with Battier and Miller in the playoffs. Same with Tony Allen the year before when we played Memphis. When Melo is going, NOBODY in the league can stop him. Period!

11. Did we get some new assistant coaches? The reason I asked is because I noticed a difference in our philosphies and sets on offense. To my surprise, we did a lot less pick and roll and a lot more down screens and curls. I thought it was actually very brilliant. If you guys remember, I suggested we go to a 1-4 high at times to throw a nice little wrinkle in things. I think this down screen method my actually be better. Instead of on the wings, we had the 3 a little further down toward the corner. It allowed for more spacing and now when Melo, Amare or whoever is curling off that down screen gets the ball, they are A. closer to the rim B. have the option to pass to the person they downscreened for originally and C. have the option to drive or pull up for a much shorter jumpshot. This is ALL created because of that spacing. With the 1-4 high and the high pick and roll, you always have to worry about the point guard's help. If you push those wings further down, now if the PG help comes, he's essentially leaving Felton (or whoever is playing PG) open for a top of the key shot of the ability to drive str8 down the middle of the D.

Sorry if that last point got too analytical. This may not be what they end up doing regularly and it might not be what they had in mind but I thought it was brilliant. I KNOW Mike didn't come up with that...which is why I asked.

I'll probably come back with more. I have to actually do some work a work now lol
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