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Default Re: Ever feel like you need a religion?

Originally Posted by Riddler
Hope you find what you're looking for...

Glad to hear you've acknowledged your desire to pray...

Here's my suggestion:

In a loud audible voice: ask Jesus if he is real... He'll answer that prayer (in time).

The problem with most people today (and sometimes myself included)...
Is that we all want proof... just as Doubting Thomas did.

is doubt really such a bad thing? i would rather everyone doubt their beliefs than assert them with fervent conviction.

why does he have to ask if jesus is real? why not krishna? or allah? what delineating piece of reasoning or evidence can you produce that makes that question more worthy than any other? believers of those other religious figures will also say that the prayer will be answered (in some way). and if the prayer is answered would that mean you are wrong? or that confirmation bias happens? the point being that even if the prayer is answered, is it really answered?
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