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Default Who here is afraid of heights? (Crazy vid, hypothetical scenario discussion!)

This question is for people with any varying degree of fear of heights - if somebody said you could win 1 billion U.S. dollars no catch 100% guaranteed if you did exactly what these workers are doing in the video (with only the equipment they have) - and just 1 week to prepare for it (training, safety / technique / practice runs) - would you do it?

I personally am afraid of heights to a certain extent - I'm not afraid to go on any ladder or say, climb a tree less than 15 feet but beyond 20 feet I start to get nervous, and when I climb to the tops of 80 and 100 foot firetowers and such to say I am not full of adrenaline and nervous when I'm doing it would be a lie. For 1 billion dollars as a prize, I would lose sleep over this all week and would probably have a massive panic attack / heart attack once I got off the elevator of that thing upon preparing to climb but I think i'd give it a shot lol

If that deal wouldn't get you to climb it, or if it is overkill, what would it take to get you to carry a bucket of dangling tools up that radio tower w/o any personal safety ropes to replace the lightbulb at the very top?

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