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You forgot Farmar. I'm really high on this kid. I think he'll be starting by midseason and into the playoffs. Yeah, Phil doesn't like to play rooks, and he's a little turnover prone, and he needs to work on the J, and he needs to get stronger, but the dude can play. His defense is about NBA ready. He has good athleticism (42 inch vertical leap), and he has great basketball iq. I really don't like the Vlad Rad signing, especially for that length of time and for that amount of cash. He can shoot, yes, but his D leaves a lot to be desired. Also, he's going to want to start, and that means LO's going to have to spend most of his time at the 4. I don't know how this team's looking. I just wished that Mitch Kupcake would have done something else to make this team not so Kobe-reliant.
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