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Default Re: Rank ISH's top 15 NBA Players of All-Time in offense, defense, and rebounding

Originally Posted by lakerspng
1. Magic Johnson
2. Lebron James
3. Jerry West
4. Michael Jordan
5. Kobe Bryant
6. Oscar Robertson
7. Larry Bird
8. Kareem Abdul Jabbar
9. Wilt Chamberlain
10. Hakeem Olajuwon
11. Bill Russell
12. Julius Erving
13. Tim Duncan
14. Shaquille O'Neal
15. Moses Malone

Did you really just rank Kobe Bryant ahead of Oscar Robertson at playmaking?

Oscar Robertson led the NBA in assists per game for 7 seasons. And not just by a small margin; he literally blew the competition out of the water, e.g. in 1963-64 when he averaged 11.0apg compared with 7.0apg for the second best passer in the league.

Out of those 15 players, Oscar Robertson easily deserves to be in the top 2 alongside Magic Johnson.

Without a doubt, Oscar Robertson is the most underrated superstar on ISH.
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