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Default Re: Private torrent sites

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
Nope. And I've never had a single issue. I know a lot of people have gotten those letters from their ISPs, but it has never happened to me and I've been using torrent sites consistently... Basically since they started.

The key I've found is only using the private trackers and that does not include Demonoid. The kind of places you only can access by being invited by a current member in good standing... Those are the key to the whole thing.

PM me your email address.

I had to deal with one of those cases before. It wasn't my download but it was a family member. It was such a f'in waste of time. Those people are scumbags.

interested in seeing how this is compared to demonoid.

sent the email address.

edit: saw the other post. thanks for trying.
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