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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by Rameek
let's not get all willy nilly now (unless i missed the sarcasm).

We have not seen this guy go up against NBA talent but I will say until that point he is serviceble and way better than kidd (Franchize is better than Kidd).

Copeland I like but his defense is atrocious for some reason he looks real clumsy on D. His footwork is stiff. I do want to see if he can get better though.

Simms I think someone else may pick him up once we send him to the D-League.

Thompson needs to go to the D-League and discover himself.

I hope Tyson's injury isnt too bad its already going to be a rough start.

When did Brewer decide he was an offensive player? It was kind of funny watching him miss at the basket shots.
I think Copeland played solid defense last night. There are worse players than him on the defensive end. After all we're filled with defensive players,we need someone to score too and he might be that weapon off the bench when Melo and J.R. have a bad shooting night.

Prigioni was a great point guard in Europe. He's a starting point guard for the Argentina national team. Argentina has one of the best basketball teams in the world,you don't get to start if you suck. Also he played against NBA players in preseason (I know,it's only preseason).
I agree that we can't judge him until we see him play in regular season/playoffs but I'm confident he'll play well. Is there a better 3rd string PG in the league ?
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