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Default Re: BasketballJones48021 - Larry Bird - Passing Skills part 2 (14:45 Minutes of Beuty)


Originally Posted by CavaliersFTW
poor Pauk will be rollin over in his grave when he finds this - this footage confirms beyond shadow of a doubt that Larry Bird is a superior passer in every way possible than Lebron James - great vid

As far as who has the better passing ability between Lebron & Bird, its a mute point as they both are at that elite level, you have your opinion and i have mine...

....and why would i be rolling over in my grave over watching a highlight video of one of my 2-3 favorite players of all time who i have been watching before i even knew Lebron did exist? If its anybody who has been rolling over in his grave its you as you are the only one who in this case is driven by an agenda considering your loathing for Lebron... this footage confirms nothing what i didnt know before, that Bird is a great passer... however this one confirms something that you didnt know or refuse to know or refuse to accept:

Remember, its only you who bring this subject up all the time.... so its not me who is insecure or butthurt...

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