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Default Re: Andrew Bynum this season

Originally Posted by sportin_life
How many games do you see him playing? I avoided him in all my drafts but someone in one of my leagues is trying to dump him and offering him in package deals including an amazing one to me.

I'm tempted to take the deal but am hesitant about Bynum in general. Where are you guys projecting him this season overall?

is this a roto league? if h2h i would try to buy low on bynum now. cant get any lower right? lol *fingers crossed* I see him playing anywhere from 65 to 60 games. its his first season in phili, a tough town, if he doesnt perform he'll be out the door soon. When he does play, he'll give you great numbers as he will still be the number 1 option on the team. im not over concerned about the shape he's in as he's just a huge guy that any added size would only benefit him on the offensive end. depending on the package i would prolly risk someone in the 3rd round for him at this point.
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