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Default Re: Mike Brown is going to cost us a championship this year & next

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
I wouldn't say he's on the hot seat, but he's definitely getting a bit closer. It seems that after last night's loss, aside from the horrendous free throw shooting, this team doesn't have an identity.

Are they a defensive minded or offensive minded team? And if they are either one of those, are they low post team, an outside shooting team, or still a Kobe Bryant dominating team?

This needs to be figured out soon or we'll lose again tonight.

They will lose again tonight and maybe on friday against the clips

Just amazed how he starters are clueless abiut where to be on the court...

Dallas with all those new guys didn take long to gt their plays down but somehow a team of kobe/nash/pau & howard is having trouble calling few basic plays and sticking to them

Lat night Howard was more of e curry then lat few yrs dwight...

Why the fcuk did we sign nash... If he is going to play role of Rakon Sessions?

Where the fcuk was he energy??? No energy and playerslooked out of sync ...j hill only came with energy...

Mitch need to show some ball and just waive that mutha fcuka steve blake...
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