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Default Re: Brooklyn Nets 2012-2013 Post Game Thread

Originally Posted by D12"Magic"
Wallace is out today against T-Wolves. He is pretty much always gonna miss some games, but what ever. He is day-to-day and will be reevaluated again this week.

Bogans will start today at SF.

I don't mind Wallace taking off for today, Minnesota is with out Rubio, Love and J.J Barea.

If we can't defend against this group than that'd seriously suck.
Yeah today is a small test. If we don't beat them by at least 10 something is wrong.

And I love how Wallace plays, I love how he hustles but I wish he wouldn't risk his body for a meaningless play. The block he sprain his ankle on was already called a foul and it was way to far. I know thats just how he plays but he's probably one of the most important pieces to our team because he's probably going to guard the opposing teams best player night in and night out.

Bogans was a great defender for us last season before he broke his ankle, I like him starting over Childress who's probably out also.
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