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Default Re: Preperation for much better compition

Originally Posted by 01amberfirewv
I've been asked to play in a charity game with some locals who are much more experienced than me. My experience is basically playing pickup games on Saturdays with decent competition. This game is going to include D1, D1a and D league players. Skill wise I can do some ball handling drills and I do pretty well playing against the players I play with but they are mostly high school players. What can I expect? Anything I should do to prepare for the game so I don't get embarrassed to much?

expect to be played physically when you have the ball. you won't get the same calls as you would in HS, refs allow a lot more body contact on the ball in D1. Use your body and don't be afraid to bump a guy off you if you're getting pressured. That was the biggest thing I had to deal with playing with D1 guys when i was in HS.

also, don't let them speed you up. play under control. If its an organized game, they will trap, pressure, hack, basically do whatever they can to get you out of your comfort zone (as good defenders are supposed to do). Don't forget to use shot fakes and pass fakes to create space for yourself. You might not rely on these too much in HS because of your comfort level, but against bigger stronger guys every extra inch counts, trust me.

and have fun, I always loved playing against older, proven players. Great opportunity, take it right at them!
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