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Default A "Jazz-y" 3rd win

1st Quarter

The game starts with Faried missing back to back shots and Millsap scoring a bucket over him. Millsap won this battle consistently the first half of the quarter but Faried would nicely recover from the slow start both offensively and defensively.

Utah's second unit featuring Favors and Kanter, kept Denver outside the paint and settling for long duece's the last half of the first quarter. With 5.6 seconds remaining, Brewer would hit the Nuggets 1st three of the game. Utah led 27-26 at recess.

2nd Quarter

The Nuggets would outscore the Jazz 27-11. Not really because the Nugs were playing that well, more because the Jazz were playing that poorly.

Lawson finished the half only 2 of 8, Gallo only had one bucket in the half and is looking extremely uncomfortable with his shot. The biggest positive in this quarter/half is that the Nuggets committed only 4 turnovers!!

The Nuggets defense, aided by 7 Jazz turnovers, held the Jazz scoreless for over 6 minutes.

The Nuggets offense, aided by the Jazz going into the penalty with 5:55 remaining in the half, shot 6 of 10 from charity stripe including Faried going 4 of 6.

3rd Quarter

Second half starts with Faried getting to the free throw line(and making both shots) after being fouled collecting an offensive rebound then nicely defending Millsap for a stop on the defensive end.

Koufos, for the second time tonight, shows off his sweet sky hook shot from just outside the restricted area.

McGee reminds us all he is still a work in progress as he is fouled for in-bounding a ball while still in-bounds D'OH!

4th Quarter

Brewer's agent will be sending a copy of this quarter to every General Manager in the league. GM's and fans alike also got their first extended look at Fournier (who I believe will be D-leagued at the end of the month). Nice to see Randolph and Hamilton get some minutes doing the end of the game garbage time.

The "Fist Pumping" moment of the game: With 9:55 to go and the Jazz whittling the lead down to 12, Brewer drains a three. Then after a Jazz deuce, Brewer hits another three while getting fouled. He would finish the 4-point play.

Flawless Logic: Lawson, Iggy, Gallo and Faried all sat and watched the 4th quarter. Great move with the team travelling and playing in Golden State tonight.

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