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Default Lakers fans need to calm down.

I'm a Lakers fan, I am calm.

If you are a Lakers fan who is not calm, you should join me in my calmness.

If there's one thing we can all agree on its that the Lakers have the best FO in basketball, the Lakers have been to the finals 7 out of the past 12 years, they know how to build teams.

If the Lakers picked Pringles over Pjax I trust there was a very good reason, as should all of you. They've re hired him before, they've won 5 rings with him as coach, he's LITERALLY family with the FO. They know what he brings they know his strengths & they know his weakness.

The Lakers FO has made nothing but amazing decisions over the past decade and until the season is oficially over we should wait to cast judgment.

Remember the Shaq trade? It was at the time considered to be "the worst trade of all time" however, Caron Butler turned into Kwame which turned into Pau and Lamar Odom was racking up rings & 6th man of the year awards while Shaq was masquerading as a part time player in Cleavland.

They also draft extremly well. Bynum & Marc Gasol come to mind.

The Lakers FO is the best in basketball and prolly the best in all sports, they've made nothing but the right moves the past decade and should be given the benefit of the doubt when they make a decision that the so called "experts" on ESPN & other sports writers don't agree with.

The faith is strong in this one.
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