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Originally Posted by sunsfan1357
I find it hard to believe that he will have attitude problems, even though the Marlins sold off Hanley (one of his best friends) and others at the trade deadline he still played hard and wanted to win on a shitty team. Maybe the tax thing will be an issue, but I'm sure people have found ways to lighten the impact on that somehow with residency statuses or something.

As for the Cy Young voting, they really couldn't have gone wrong with any candidates, but both Price and Dickey are great guys who deserved it this year.

He was in Miami in the sunshine and on the grass and without losing the additional $5/$6M. I think eventually he might be won over (when he realizes he's on a good team on the first time in forever) but i'm thinking he comes in pissy. Watch him be the last person to report for a physical.
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