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Default Re: The -primetime- TOP-20 RBs of All-Time

Originally Posted by Carbine
I'll say only this, you're inconsistent.

The reasons you outlined previously for ranking Martin over Earl is not consistent with this list you just put out.

Emmit shouldn't be ranked below a guy who Emmit has a 6000 rushing yards and 50 touchdown edge over.

Terrell Davis has no business being ranked over Edgerrin James, whom Edge has a 4500 yard advantage (6500 total yards) and 25 total touchdown advantage.

I'm huge on YPC...Jim's 5.2 YPC will never be beaten, and he has 3 MVPs

that is the same reason Davis is over Edge...4.6 YPC, and 1 MVP

YPC is the only reason AD even made the top-20

this list is very consistant, but like I said in the notes there are some issues that stats don't show with players
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