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Default Well that's not what I expected

Sometimes the nice thing about living in Canada is that it is pretty easy to avoid finding out details about a Denver Nugget basketball game for 36 hours. When the opportunity finally arrived to sit down to watch the game on League Pass, I expected to see Ty Lawson rebound from a tough last game in Miami and a nail biting finish.

1st Quarter

Lawson was the lone bright spot of the first quarter for the Nuggets shooting 3 of 5 from the field.

Iggy was trying to force his game and it was not working. After draining a tough shot, he came back down the next two possessions and forced (not tried) forced tough shots up with about half the shot clock still remaining. A few possessions later while trying to barge his way into the paint, Iggy has the ball stripped from him.

Koufos had a tough quarter. He lost every battle he had for an offensive or defensive rebound.

2nd Quarter

Quarter starts with the Spurs draining a three then Gallo losing the ball on offense. On the impending Spurs offensive possession Gallo saves the ball for the Nuggets only to see his Nugget teammates WATCH as the Spurs grabbed the saved ball and scored an easy bucket. Honestly, that's all you really need to know about this quarter.

Bang my head on the table moment: Tim freakin Duncan drains a buzzer beating 3 to send the Spurs into the half up by 20.

3rd Quarter

Iggy tried to take charge of the Nuggets offense the first four possessions of the quarter. The net results were 1 offensive foul for charging, 1 tough basket made, 1 missed 3-pt attempt and 1 missed fadeaway. SIGH

During the 1st timeout of the quarter, Coach Karl politely told his defence to stop watching the game and begin playing the game. Every highlight of a Spurs bucket in the first four minutes of the half, the effort defensively is minimal.

4th Quarter

McGee gets charged with his 3rd THIRD offensive goaltending violation. How can you read that last statement and not shake your head?

Then the story of the night played itself out again! Ginobli schools Faried allowing himself an open 3. The next time down the floor, Ginobli has enough time to recite the alphabet in three languages before draining another 3.

Fist Pump of the Night: Just over a minute into the game, Lawson attacks the paint, gets the hoop and the harm and drains the free throw. Sadly, after a good first quarter, Lawson would go 2 of 8 the last three quarters.

Flawless Logic: When I think of Memphis, the next opponent for the Nugs, I think of their front court and post game. Koufos has looked overmatched the past couple games, McGee is equal parts liability and asset while Mozgov is the third option for a reason. The only reason for optimism is the notion that Faried looked flat tonight.

The scary concern is can the Nuggets learn to defend the 3 point shot well enough to avoid another 20 point loss?

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