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Originally Posted by bokes15
What's disappointing to me is how our defensive ratings have regressed from last year. We were 8th best in the league in opponent FG% at .435 which is now .459 and 27th. We held our opponents to 94ppg good for 9th best, we now allow 100 which is 26th. We were for once outrebounding our opponents and we've gone back to being one of the worst rebounding teams in the league. And, our offense is one of the worst and most inefficient in the league. Somethings gotta give.

This is interesting i.e. over 10 games. I was noting it as well.

"They say" coaching D is the hardest part of the NBA coaching job... yet when you actually look at the "middle of the pack" perfromance year over year and even within a season - you see huge variability.

I think last years improvement was a change in "coaching tone" but sustaining the commitment I guess is the "hard part"...

I wont count them out on d improvement for the remainder of the year but I dont think we should expect a repeat performance because only the truly top teams seem to be able to sustain.
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