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Default We'll see the true Lakers after Steve Nash returns

On Saturday evening, the Lakers won their seventh game without Nash, a 115-89 blowout of the Dallas Mavericks that stopped the bleeding after two straight buzz-killing road losses this week. But there was no celebration in the Lakers' locker room.

Relief, maybe. A few smiles, sure.

But it's become clear to all involved that we really won't know anything about these Lakers -- D'Antoni's Lakers -- until Nash, who has been out since Oct. 31 with a fractured leg, is ready to run 'em again.

"No," Lakers guard Kobe Bryant said when asked that very question. "This team, the idea of this team, was built with all of us playing together. Right now we're playing well this way. The young fella, [Darius] Morris, is coming in and giving us a little lift.

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