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Default Re: Help! Who's the most expendable on my team?

Originally Posted by konex
Guys, I need help with my $100 fantasy league (12 man H2H). I need more assists but I'm so torn on who to drop/trade. Aminu (solid but not spectacular), Jamison (Upside as a D'Antoni style player), Collison (is sucking really bad), Crawford (Scoring but little else) or someone else?

Chalmers is the best starting PG left on waivers. I also see Harrison Barnes but I'm wary of picking another rookie. Any thoughts?

Im thinking you can drop patterson. chalmers is an option, is jarret jack or any other decent guards left? jarret jack is a good one, if curry rolls that ankle, jack's value goes up significantly and he already is worth rostering. Who esle, um what about rubio? he comes back in a few weeks...
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