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Default Re: Week 12 Game Thread and Discussion

Originally Posted by MMM
shouldn't u still have a slim lead

someone in my league was leading 161 - 121 and now there is a 6 point gap remaining
Don't know for sure. When I posted that, it went from my being ahead 160.7 to 120.5, to me leading 160.7 to 160.1. I just assumed Newton would at least get the necessary yardage to get one more point. Which he did since I'm losing 170.3 to 160.7 now. Maybe it was the point bonuses for certain yardage? I don't know. I wasn't watching the game.

Originally Posted by ihoopallday
Damn, better hope Scam Newton doesn't get another td. Same scenario is happening to my friend. He's only up 93-87 right now. Btw, how the **** do you have 160? The average in our league is like 120. We only have 10 teams too.
That was how our league use to be. This year, though, we made TD passes worth 6 points and added a second flex spot that could be a QB; so everyone starts QB's who combine for 50 points on a bad week, and 65+ on a good week.

I usually get 160-170 points and have had two or three 180+ point weeks. Broke 200 once and got 199 another week. It's like an arcade version of FF, which I've loved until this week, when Cam Newton finally went off for the first time all season and beat me.

F*** the Eagles. I was going to be in a 1st place tie in my division, too, and playing the guy I'm tied with net week with a chance to get the 1-seed for the playoffs.
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