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Default Re: Raps Land Pietrus

Do you believe this is the 2nd worst team in the league over 61 more games ?

If you do - this signing is terrible.

Do you believe this team is out of playoffs but 10th in the east around 33 wins - projected over the full season ?

Then this is not a bad signing at all. Pietrus > McQuire - sure - meh - yes I buy it.

From the perspective of win now this means not too much. This may be enough to lock them in to "nearly competitive" in the east and in so doing perhaps protect the lottery balls in the draft ; or make the Oklahoma (via Houston) pick so mediocre that it comes into play again for the Raps in some other move - renegotiation. Maybe the Thunder dont want a 15th first rounder but would be interested in packing the trade back for Calderon / Davis and something else ? Who knows... frankly who cares. Wont make Collangelo look like a hero - wont make him look like a goat... anymore than he is.

Either way Pietrus is a decent player who will be motivated to give some on the court to land long term stability and will be fun to watch as a fan. I wont mind seeing him here. He is not to blame for the state of the team and its only MLSE money.

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