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Default Re: why has the NBA gone pu$$ified over the years?

Originally Posted by cranincu
Revisionist history happened. Where everyone thinks that every foul in the 70s-90s was a hard tough physical foul when in actuality these eras had more foul calls over todays game.

Your using a strawman here. And your flat out just stubbornly refusing to believe that the NBA was actually once a more physically aggresive game. Every rule Stern has ever been responsible for was to "open up the game" reduce violence, kill the center postion, etc. Don't be a dumbass and pretend the league wasn't using physical 1 on 1 defense with handchecks (vs today, non-contact zone defense) and getting into brawls more often than today. Nobody here is saying that "every play was a physical one back then!" We are simply pointing out the REALITY that things were different back then, and much more violence and physical play was tolerated back than vs today. There weren't nancy rules back then that tried to make the NBA such a disney-channel sport like today. If you got in a fight back then half the time you weren't even ejected FFS, the game continued as if nothing happened. You want to tell me shit hasn't changed?

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