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Default Re: One of those days

Originally Posted by MannyO
So you guys think its a mental thing? That does make sense. Maybe I was focusing too much on the pain and not playing my game.

My knee was hurting so bad that I couldn't elevate on my jumpshot, blow past people on offense or even play good D. It started getting to my head so much that I couldn't even grasp the ball, and felt weak and helpless on the court.

I need to develop some type of Kobe mental toughness. He played with like 3 broken fingers so my small injury isn't anything.

Dude, if it's hurting you that much you need to stop and get it healed up. Rest and proper rehab....

I messed up my achilles in my mid 20s when I was playing football once a week, basketball two to three times a week, and gym and doing plymetrics....I thought it was a small injury at first, as it didn't hurt, just discomfort and i could jump and ran as normal, then it started clicking and popping like crazy..

My tendon couldn't take it and I got tendinitis, I got peed off with it and kept on playing through the pain, this was an incredibly bad idea. Bottom line, it got so bad, it would hurt when I had a duvet on my foot! This injury then kept me from playing for close to two years!!! That's two years lost of my prime!!!

knees and tendons are no joke, research your injury and stop playing and rehab it...
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