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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by lilbeastnani
lol, FC, your rejection of my offer is understandable. But your reason in the comment section is not. "Drummond is not available, sorry." You just offered him to me a couple of days ago so how is he not available? Change of heart? Or did you realize you made a trade that isn't helping you in the short term but nobody else is willing to give up a player of value for his potential.
Just a couple of days ago? It shouldn't have been an offer I expected you to accept...
He is not available because (1) yes, nobody will give me value according to his potential (2) I think he is very close to get the minutes to realize that potential and (3) I have other players to cut right now, so I don't need to make space for free agents.

BTW, It's getting harder and harder to get deals done. I only had legit offers from Chamberlain and Toni to some extent. Then there are some teams that I offer decent players, better than half their roster, and they answer "I don't need your scrubs". Come on, those teams have like 35 points in the standing, and they don't need some young top 100 players?
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