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Originally Posted by bladefd
What about Jimmy's ego and the money being wasted? You really think Jimmy is going to willingly break his own ego? Will NEVER happen!!! Not until Kobe or Jerry Buss come out and threaten Jimmy. Dwight also has leverage, but he won't do it for his own image purposes after what went down in Orlando. Dwight shouldn't say anything; it must come out of Kobe or Jerry's mouth. Nobody else has the leverage over Jimmy. Not Magic, not D'Antoni, not Mitch. NOBODY but Kobe/Jerry/Dwight!

Somebody needs to tell D'Antoni to change his system a bit - who will it be if not Kobe/Dwight? Jerry? lmao.. Mitch? Remember, Mitch doesn't know basketball X's and O's like Steve Kerr used to with the Suns. Kerr as Suns GM went up to D'antoni and told him to change his system a bit to fit in Shaq better. D'Antoni left because he didn't want to do it.

What happens if D'Antoni resigns? Do they still have to pay his guaranteed money?

Yeah, you are right and that is exactly what I am saying......Kobe is going to blow the fk up once this season is over and yes Jerry will tear Jimmy a new one too, they both want Dwight to stay and know once again the idiot son can't be trusted to make a decision. Am I surprised....hell the fk no, I told everyone that Jimmy is a moron who has never really done serious work or bothered to learn anything useful, he has been in daddy's pocket for every cent and waiting to take over. Jeanie on the other hand has always worked her @ss off and learned all she needs to know.....Jerry better wise up and let her run things from now on.
Mitch DOES know his X's and O's.....but 'Antoni will not listen to anyone....and the little moron Jimmy signed him to a 4 year deal.......he will be stubborn until the day we fire him just as he was in Phoenix.
It really pisses me one wanted to hire 'Antoni, he would've been happy to sign for 1 year just to have a job.....a glamour job at that Fking Jimmy!!!! This just magnifies his stupidity.

If he resigns then they do not have to pay him.......that's why a buyout is most likely.
Speaking of which, I just talked to the family of one of my old players who is playing at Mater Dei with MB's son.....apparently MB has his eye on a local college job.

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