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Default Why is MarShon being "dangled as trade bait"?
With most NBA players (and most Nets players) now eligible to be traded as of Saturday, Marc J. Spears put together a list of who are the most likely players to be dealt ... and MarShon Brooks is on the list. But factors other than his on-court performance are likely to factor into a trade decision.

Spears writes of Brooks...

Brooks had a sensational rookie season averaging 12.6 points. But with the addition of Joe Johnson, Brooks has averaged just 6.2 points through his first 14 games this season. Sources said the Nets dangled Brooks in offseason trade talks, but his low contract number makes it difficult to get much of a return for him in a deal.

"They are one of the rare teams that can afford to keep their team at a championship level financially," an NBA GM said. "For them, the development of young players isn't important because they can overspend."

and the reply i posted (currently 3rd post from the top):

I still don't get it--

If the guy is a gifted scorer on a rookie contract and has a good attitude, isn’t he worth hanging on to? Despite his slow progress at picking up defense? Or is there something more going on behind the scenes? I mean, the Nets already jettisoned realistic hopes of competing for a championship with all the inflated contracts they signed or took on, so WHY is the idea of developing talent in-house treated as being so worthless… if I’m reading the agenda of the article correctly?
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