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Default Re: Rob Parker illustrating what lines a journalist should not cross (re: RG3)

Originally Posted by stallionaire
i'm black

if i was in a barber shop i would for sure be knocking RG3's blackness due to the fact that he's republican.

you just don't vote against your own people.

those are my thoughts and i know a lot of people here will freak on me for saying that. i don't give a shit that his wife is white but the republican thing bugs me.

parker is a dumbass for saying this on TV. too soon for rg3. at least let him do some ignorant honkey shit before bringing all that up.

i love my black folk immensely, I do. But some y'all are so ignorant it's just crazy. Vote against ur own ppl? U mean your own ppl who are urban residents maybe?

Blacks don't have to b Democrats. Esp if they are from TX and come from a strict MILITARY family

I don't give a shit if Griff is Conservative despite the fact that I'm not fond of staunch Republicans. however, if he is, a lot of that mentality prolly stems from coming from parents who were both enlisted. Republicans tend to back military strength over mostly all so go figure. Plus, dude a Texan, the most rojo of states.
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