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Default Re: Predict Floyd Mayweather Jr 2013

Originally Posted by MetsPackers
Fvck all the bullshyt positioning in boxing that I don't really understand; I still want to see Mayweather v Pacquiao. I don't understand how a sport that is struggling to remain relevant in terms of sports popularity is going to complain that their sport is disappearing and decreasing in revenue when for years they refuse to organize the fight that everyone wants to see.

Fvck Don King. Fvck both of their promoters, managers, bullshyting yes men, etc. Either make the fight happen, make a fight with the guy who knocked Pacquiao out happen, or just sit back and watch as the sport fades into obscurity. They'd have a much better chance if they could just get more people watching; get more young kids interested in boxing. Instead the headlines are just a bunch of posturing bullshyt.

Idk I don't follow boxingbut I watch the big name fights, maybe their's something I don't get
Mayweather already fought the guy who knocked out Pacquiao. If you saw it, you'd know why there is no reason to do it again.
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