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Default You be the GM: New York Jets

I'm going to post several offseason threads for NFL teams and our job is to come up with offseason scenarios that the team should make(realistic) It will probably fail but it's fun and interesting to see the scenarios

Needs: OL, S, WR, QB, Pass Rush
Cap Room entering offseason: 4.2mil?

Cut/trade: Calvin Pace, Bart Scott, Eric Smith and Tim Tebow (Saves approximately 21mil in space!)
Trade- Mark Sanchez and a 2nd or 3rd round pick to eliminate his contract, possibly a team will bite with cap space and take a chance on him(Chiefs, Jags, Minny, etc)
Sign: Alex Smith or even Flacco to be QB
Sign: Greg Jennings or Mike Wallace to big contract
Look to sign affordable players at: OL, S, ILB

Draft in 1st: OL= Lewan, Womack??
3rd- Change of pace back to compliment Greene
4th- ILB
5th- Safety
6th- OLB
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