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He's definatly a star player, role players don't average 26ppg. He obviously has a strong work ethic, remember he got a $90 million dollar deal and the last season had his best year yet. Like I said he improves every season and his shooting is back after a couple years of it being down.

The reason he scored so much last year is because he went to the basket a lot more and because of the rules changes got to the FT a lot more and was one of the leaders in FT attempts last year. If not for the rules changes he would have averaged 22ppg most likely.

His defense has always been terrible, i've watched him a lot over the past few years and it's brutal. Opposing teams target him on offense and it's his only weakness. using all their statistics (like points given up when in the game and out...etc...) and he ended up being the worst defensive guard in the league by those numbers...Now if you believe that or not it's up to you.
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