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Default Re: Something I'd Like to Say

Originally Posted by Timmeh
Over the past few months I've been dealing with some depression issues and fighting off some past demons. I've undergone a personal internal housecleaning and I'm just getting rid of and changing a lot of things.

How does this relate to this forum? I hate the NBA. It is a shitty product. On top of that, the only team I have some resemblance of an interest in is the shittiest team in the league, and there are no signs of it getting better. I have desire to continue being a part of something that seems to be a failing endeavor.

So I'm hanging up my proverbial keyboard and leaving this forum. I only do this because I know at some point, someone will say: "Hey, where's that asshole Timmeh that used to post a lot here?" Well, now you know.


The Wizards?

Nah, in all seriousness, hope you get everything straight in your life and find the place where you want and need to be.

Whether you ever come back to the NBA and the forum as a fan or not, happy new year, and good health to you bro.
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