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Default Read this after the Sandy Hook shooting, you should too.

"When it's a brown man, it's terrorism. When it's a black man, it's a common crime. When it's a white dude, he's got psychological issues. This is as funny as it is true.

Stop watching the news. Stop your kids from watching the news. Enjoy Hollywood and the fruits of its industry, but don't allow it to dictate your standards of how things should be. Listen to their music, but don't allow it to sway your thoughts. As sweeping as this may be, I dare say the entire utilitarian mindset of the western world must stop telling us how to live.

Knowledge is power. Your only standard should be this - if you are not able to enjoy every solitary circumstance that is presented to you, then you have work to do. Read books, discipline yourselves, master your respective crafts, and continuously look within. The only thing you are in control of is your constant improvement.

Gun control or not, a mind that is out to kill will find a way to kill. It's not our job to change the world as it takes entire lifetimes to change ourselves. Be the change you want to see."
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