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Default Re: ALL TIME ISH TEAM's - How to Thread

okay here is my team:

LOLB - DeMarcus Ware
MLB 1 - Ray Lewis
MLB 2 - Dick Butkis
ROLB - Lawrence Taylor
LE - Reggie White
NT - Joe Greene
RE - Bruce Smith
LCB - Mel Blount
RCB - Deion Sanders
FS - Ed Reed
SS - Troy Polamalu

some notes...

-yes Ware is already worthy, I didn't think he was but I can't think of a better 3-4 OLB to put opposite Taylor all time...there isn't one

-I just got done saying Deacon Jones is the best defender ever but I can't get him in on a 3-4...Smith and White are better for that scheme

-YES, Reed and Troy are better safeties than Ronnie Lott was...they ARE, just accept it...I grew watching Lott, he is #3 all time behind those 2.
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