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Default Your all-time Raptors Squad

15 players, 3 per position. This would be mine.

PG - Mark Jackson/Lowry/Stoudamire
SG - Carter/Jalen Rose/A.Williams
SF - T-Mac/Shawn Marion/Mo-Pete
PF - Bosh/Oakley/JYD
C - Camby/AD/Willis

Notes: Toughest positions to pick for me was PG because as we know, that seems to be the ONE positions we've never had a shortage/drought in. Wanted to put Calderon in there somewhere but feel like he'd be on the fringe. And I put Alvin Williams as a SG simply because I loved the guy and I had to fit him in somewhere. There's no all-time raptors list that I would not put Alvin Williams and JYD on. Two guys that impact went well beyond their numbers. What are yours?
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