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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

There's a dook-UNC balancing theory that is purely in the minds of the fans, yet has held true. Basically one program never gets too far ahead of the other.

They own the early 90s with back-to-back championships, then UNC gets theirs with the legitimate chance of repeating in 1994 if not for chemistry issues. I mean what was it, 4 of 5 starters back from a championship team while bringing in, unequivocally, the best recruiting class in the nation?

They gets theirs in the early turn of the century while UNC is at literally, the lowest the program has ever been. Then Ray and company answer back, UNC is back on top of college basketball while dook is reeling off first weekend exits in the NCAA Tournament.

UNC clearly back on top of college basketball for the past few years while K looks like he should retire and then he wins a championship while UNC is back in the NIT.

Then UNC becomes a title contender again while K's squad is losing in the first round.

Now UNC is maybe NIT good. And by maybe, I mean NIT as the best case. dook is back at #1.

I'm just waiting for things to tip back on our side of the scale.
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