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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

It's like people wanna pussyfoot around it. It's like nobody can criticize Kidd or Chandler. Kidd had 5 turnovers, struggled to advance the ball for the second game in a row, and passed up tons of open looks because he refuses to shoot anything but 3's. Chandler was getting worked in the 4th qtr by Mahinmi. There was a period where he was literally just running up and down the court with no purpose like James White does. Let's cut the crap. That "It's Melo's fault" excuse is getting old. If anything, Melo proved that he should be MVP last night. Last night we were all sitting around waiting for JR Smith to save the day while the guys who have been getting all the credit played like bench warmers.

Hibbert barely played last night and the Pacers are without Granger. Lance Stephenson outplayed Kidd. Gerald Green outplayed Brewer. Paul George outplayed Copeland. We just got outplayed across the board by guys who aren't big time players.

I dont wanna hear crap about our lineup being banged up. These are the guys you ppl were OK with this offseason. Surprise Surprise. Camby is hurt. Sheed is still banged up. Well no sh!t. They're like my grandfather's age! THIS is why you don't get a team full of old geezers. The excuse was "they aren't going to play major minutes." They don't need to play major minutes. It's not like they are getting hurt through trauma and contact injuries. They are playing a quarter, then there's a commercial break and the announcers come back to tell you they wont be playing for te rest of the game. Did ANYBODY honestly see Camby get hurt last night? How about Sheed? Ya... didn't think so. This will be a continuous cycle all year long!
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