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Default Flacco deserves something close to max dollars.

Do any of you consider him "elite" ... ? This subject has been tossed around ESPN and other sports media outlets for a good while now, and it seems everyone is either on the bandwagon or not. I think in this case, that "bandwagon" may be on to something.

His playoff record is just mind-blowing, even if you do have the best defense in the league (which isn't entirely true, but they're probably the most feared). There's no way I'd put Flacco on that same plateau as a flagship such as Brady, Rodgers, Peyton Manning ... and some would even argue Eli and Big Ben because both of them have multiple SB wins.

I think Flacco is a better QB than both Eli and Big Ben. Eli is just too Jake-Delhomme-like, meaning hot/cold type QB, and that can drive a coach or team bananas. I think many coaches and GM's around the league would risk max dollars on Flacco b/c he's one hell of a game manager and when needed, he can bomb a 65 yard TD missile.

I think it's an interesting discussion, even though it's been beat to death.
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