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Default Is MTV still relevant?

Serious question...I ask this because you could say I grew up on MTV, I'm in my early 40s, going to be 41 this year to be exact. I saw them ride the metal gravy train and then go hypocritactly and shamelessly into the anti-metal Nirvana/Pearl Jam 90's pay day. You young cats won't know what I'm talking about but those my age will...anyways, there's nothing on TV and I'm watching MTV and it's nothing but stupid shows, no music videos, just crappy reality shows. WTF happened to MTV? Is garbage like Jersey Shore all they have offer nowadays?

I will prolly come off as the old dude who complains about how shit was better back in the good old days, but seriously MTV sucks now and so do most rock bands today but that's another young people still follow MTV? If you know who Kurt Loder is then you're too old so don't bother answering Just kidding, anyone with an opinion, fire away.

PS, Teen Mom makes want to kill myself...

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