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Default Re: Alvin Gentry and the Suns agree to part ways

Originally Posted by Kiddlovesnets
Wow... Tbh I am a bit shocked by this, the Suns aint really going anywhere so whats the point of firing your head coach? The Wizards and Bobcats are still keeping their coaches.
The Suns just blew up the roster this past offseason with 9 new players joining and Alvin Gentry just can't handle this young new squad. He's just not the right type of coach for this job. He wasn't simply fired, it was a mutual agreement to part ways. Both parties agreed that he wasn't the right guy for this team.

He would've been a perfect coach for the Lakers this year though, way more than D'Antoni tbh. Alvin Gentry is the perfect kind of coach for a veteran-filled team, and Steve Nash loves him.
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