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Default I just thought of something...

I wonder, are PaperClipGuy and Spelling&Grammar from the same mold? Is the same wanna-be creative poster trying to outdo me and be funny and cute? Yeah well, I'll even admit I laughed at one of those Spelling&Grammer posts today; but make no mistake about it asshole; my gimmick skills yield the crown. That's just that. I can respect where you're coming from though. Why don't you at least tell us who you are, or give hints.

I think one of them is JEFFERSONMONEY for sure; and maybe even the other, but don't know for sure. I want to know some answers by no later than April 1st, or there'll be some damn fools that get zoo'd ... yeah Old Dirty Bastard back from the dead, oh baby I like it raw! We tag teamed a zebra like we were dogs!

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