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Default Re: Is The Center Position Dead/Going to Die?

Originally Posted by boozehound
nope. Maybe if you looked around the league you would see the importance of players like the gasols, chandler, noah, drummond, etc. Sure, certain teams with the best 10 or so players in the league can get away with it, but look at the heat. Not playing a true center has killed them on the boards.

thats because bosh is a ***** that will grab 1 rebound in 32 minutes.

the general trend is leaning towards playing small ball though. of course there will always be room for players that are 7'2 that play defense and rebound and protect the paint. but for the most part, the center position, which used to be one of the most important positions and where you would have dominant forces such as shaq, david robinson, hakeem, etc. is now very weak and looks to be only getting worse.
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