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Originally Posted by Sawbucks23
This season is the best season ever for a Suns fan. I thought that the Lakers' 2013 1st round pick would be worthless but I'm glad we got two 1st round picks for aging Steve Nash. I work with co-workers who are hardcore Lakers fan and one of my co-workers would walk up to me after ever Suns loss and would say "Hey, what happened to your team"? I get it the Suns suck this year. A few weeks ago, he started to shut his mouth and doesn't say a damn word about my Suns anymore. He just looks at me and doesn't say a word. Guess karma is a bitch! PRICELESS!

I know right but kinda feels bad for Nash if his career ends this way with the Lakers though. Anyway with way things' been progressing, I hope the suns will be willing to trade multiple assets and build through the draft, bottom up, and come back to burn the west
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