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Default Re: Browns fans I offer you a solution to your QB woes: Alex Smith

Originally Posted by knickballer
I can understand having a reliable backup with Kaepernick at QB but at nearly $8mil that's wasted money. You don't keep a backup QB with that money due to the fact that the starter is still on his rookie contract. You can sign a veteran backup for 1/4 the price to hold the clipboard.

That's 7.5mil that can be wasted elsewhere on the team and help the team improve. Not to mention there's going to be a few 49er players looking for new deals once their rookie/old contracts are expiring. If you keep Smith you run the risk of losing a guy like Goldson or Crabtree who'll probably want top 5 WR money..

It's highly unlikely the Niners keep him based on that fact. They might get a pick(probably a late pick) but teams aren't going to waste anything for a guy that will be available a month later.

Hopefully the niners treat Smith with the same respect he's treated them and just cut the poor guy. He's been through hell and back for the franchise only to get his face smashed in the curb..

I wouldn't think of it as backup/starter. I would think of it as the position in this case. The QB position is costing us x-amount of money. Is it worth if for this to cost us x-amount of money if we can in turn get a better deal out of it?

And this is the franchise that cut Ronnie Lott, and traded Joe Montana... it's a business. And the best move for them is to trade him.

Unless they have extensions in mind it won't hurt them to keep him on.
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