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Default Is Joe Flacco Top 4? ... OK, is Tony Romo Top 4?

If you're asking my own personal opinion (which honestly isn't shit... and I don't mean to get into all this, but my opinion ain't shit) ... it's just all of us using common every day sense of everyday QB ranking logic. Is Tony Romo really a great QB? Alright, let's all us agree to disagree he's a regular season 16 game decent, perhaps even good quarterback.

Alright, let us advance into the REAL big boy league (playoffs). How exactly does Tony Romo rank? Top 5?

Top 10?

Top 5?

... "When I was little... my father was famous... he was the greatest samauri inside in the empire and is the shogan's empire... "

OK people, in other words Tony Romo will swear his life to the GZA's Liquid Swords .., "

Ueah blah blah blah ... it's a cold world ... and PT's football knowledge is my nut sacks in his mouf.

Yeah suck on 'em. suck on 'em PT ... suck on em PT ... suck on em PT
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